Productivity: One note on OneNote

Organizing ideas with OneNote

For those who always have a great deal going on or who struggle with keeping things organized but still haven’t committed everything to an electronic record, Microsoft Office OneNote could be your product. There are very few products I have ever recommended to anyone because there are always skill-set differences, learning curve issues or not enough substance for them to be considered a real reason to change, not to mention I am not one to adopt things just because everyone else does. With respect to this product, I stumbled upon it looking for something else.

In an attempt to customize my screen’s Desktop to make it work the way I think, I wanted to add an Outlook icon to the Quick Launch toolbar. Instead of grabbing Outlook, I launched OneNote. If you have never seen it, your response will most likely be similar to mine. “What the heck is this?” It looks very unassuming and almost useless when first launched. Don’t let looks deceive you. It is probably the most remarkably laid out organizer you will ever see. The images in this document are all from OneNote’s “Getting Started” section.

Image 1

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