Customer Dis-service: Marketing’s Achilles Heel

The happiest place on earth

After being thrown off one of my colts and breaking my collar bone, sitting at my computer with one of those old monitors is a challenge. As a result, I was determined to buy a new flat-panel. Coffee is a staple around this household and running out is pretty close to admitting that the pet rock was one of the most important inventions known to man. By the way, the best use for a good pet rock was for throwing—usually, the shape was awesome. So…I’m on my way to by my life’s blood when I see Office Depot. Since I am determined to buy a monitor, I pull into the parking lot and go in. Now, for someone like me, a store like Office Depot or Lowe’s is an amazing experience. The closer I get to the door, the bigger my smile. I have more materials for projects for which I conceived to keep me busy for about a year…full-time!                     Continue reading